Xcarve assembly

Well, I finally got it all together and my next step is hooking up the laptop to bring it to life! Before I do so I thought it would be a good idea to see what some of you on the forum thought of a situation that I’ve run into. I’ve adjusted my wheels on each axis and checked the tension on the belts. When I see many other assemblies the axis all move easily with just a light touch. My axis all move only with a firm and constant pushing of the carriages. Is this typical of the xcarve or does my machine need loosening up or further adjustment?

from a mechanics point of view: I set-up my machines with to as close to zero tolerance as possible without binding, in our world we call it snug but not tight. what this means is turn the eccentrics on your V-wheels down until you have contact give some more until you can no longer turn them freely then back them off until you can just turn them with some resistance again. this is ensuring you made good contact but it is not to tight. we do the same with wheel bearing on vehicles.

P.S. do this procedure slowly as not to over-tighten and damage any parts.