XCarve Backup Parts

I am starting this conversation with hopes that it will fulfill my needs and hopefully be of use to the rest of the community.

I love my XCarve, I use it almost everyday and I would hate to be in a position where a machine component breaks and leaves my machine useless until a replacement part is shipped to me (ship time is 1 week for me).

Have you, the community, seen a common part which breaks and would be good to have on hand? I am thinking belts would be good to have on hand, probably power supply too.

Any feedback would be appreciated!

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If you’re making money with it and want to cover your bases, I’d start with the following:

-2 lengths of belt (~12 feet)
-1 Z belt
-1 stepper with pulley
-2 roller guides
-4 V-wheels
-2 eccentric nuts/spacers
-1 power supply, including g-shield
-Assorted screws of all flavors, including pulley screws
-Assorted lengths of wire for each kind of wire
-3 homing switches

Basically, if it’s not solid metal you may want to have a spare. Spare eccentric nuts/spacers just because they can be rounded. It’s excessive for the hobbyist, but for a business where downtime is lost money it’s not a bad idea. On the other hand, if you have a business it may be worth just buying a second X-Carve. Double the production capability, and you can just scavenge from one if something on your preferred machine breaks.

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