XCarve Breaking Bits like crazy after moving


Yesterday me and my wife moved our X-Carve onto some cork plates and on a solid table, since our neighbour complained about the noise. Today when I started carving it broke a bit. Then another, and another… Its broken 6 bits already and I dont know whats going on.
Ive since removed the cork plate and made sure that the surface is level. Still breaking bits…
Its Christmas season and we have lots of orders coming in… If anyone has any idea please help!

Thank you.

Maybe the X-axis was tweaked and it’s now twisted? Have you rechecked everything for square since you moved it?

Also recheck the wiring… Make sure nothing came loose… if there is any shorting then it will cause you to miss steps and break bits.

Everything is square and nothing came loose… Ive cut out the same design with the same settings and bit out of the same piece of wood. And now it breaks on a depth of 1 mm…

I think it might be ignoring the depth per pass setting I am giving it in Easel… but only for this particular design…

Until you figure it out, buy some foam insulation board and carve on it. Instead of breaking more bits and ruining material it will help debug your machine.


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Do you think Cork plates are bad for the same purpose?

BIll was saying use the foam to cut - not for the xcarve to sit on. This way the foam won’t provide resistance enough to break bits.

This is the project I am trying to carve…
Ive carved out 20 of these prior to moving the XCarve, but now it breaks either on the letter L or on the wing… Not sure why…

Have you tried using a 30 degree vbit to carve the small letters?

I havent since it worked fine before I moved the machine… Ive since put the machine in the previous place and it is still breaking bits…

The vbit will not break and will produce better looking letters

I am restricted to the use of Easel, so I would rather not use a vbit with it besides changing the bit midway is bothersome.
I would just like to find a solution why this started happening all of a sudden. Why I could carve this design out of 5mm hardwood with a 0.8mm endmill and now I am not able to anymore…

If you reduce the DOC or slow down the feedrate does it still break?

What spindle are you using, that was known to happen with the original stock spindle when they were going out.

Yes, Ive tried lowering the depth per pass and feedrate no effect.

I am using the stock spindle…

Then I agree with @BrianSaban - your stock spindle may have passed its useful life expectancy.

If the lower bearing has failed the increased run out will be very tough on small bits.

Agree with Allen. Sounds like excessive run-out.

@AllenMassey & @JeffParish
How can I tell if its runout? If I put in a 1/16 mill it cuts fine… But not sure why it keeps breaking the 1/32