Xcarve but it thinks it is a pro

OK GOT A USED XCARVE BECAUSE I CAN NOT PUT ONE TOGETHER , MADE A FEW WELCOME SINGS AND Now the green carve button said pro on it /? why i reset all the machine id also it stopped telling me to use the probe? how can i get that back to the asking to use the probe?

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You should delete the current machine setup and run back through the setup process if you messed with the machine setup.

If the Easel “Carve” button looks like this then that just means the file includes one or more Easel Pro features and requires Easel Pro to generate the toolpaths.



Brandon Parker


Basically a reiteration of what Brandon said but I had my screen recording stuff setup :grin:

thank you i did not sign up for pro trile but my account does say i did i would never have used up a tril when i am just starting out what a waist i must have done that by accident oh well, now problem is i went to probe and the z is backword now so up id down and down is up thank you for your help i am a slow learner but i will not give up never

oh, the trial is automatic for new accounts, they just give you pro for the first 30 days to try to hook you on it :slight_smile:
when the account is made it automatically gets the first 30 days of pro version :+1:

The cnc directions are controlled via the $3 setting, this can be changed manually by reading the current value and using a chart to determine the correct value and then sending that command manually… OR when you do a new machine setup, there is a screen where it asks you to test the movement and asks whether it is working correctly or not. based on your answers to this question Easel will Automatically change the $3 setting. . . so the simple fix it to do the machine setup all over again, making sure to test each axis on that page, and to answer those questions correctly.

the tougher fix is the manual method. You’d have to open machine inspector (Press Ctrl+Shift+D) and then scroll to the bottom, read the current $3 value and then use this chart to map it, and then determine the value that keeps X,Y the same but changes the value of Z only… that is the correct value for your $3.
Then you scroll to the top and enter that value in the console at the top and send it like this
$3=7 and send
Then scroll back to the bottom and click the small refresh button down there to verify the new setting took properly.

Here’s the chart:

how can i stop my pro trial?

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hello Seth, some thing must be wrong with control box i changed settings on machine then it said carve without the pro next to it then i picked a carve out to try and it went back to pro when i bought this used guy said to tell it for machine use other then other for next step so he must have know some thing was wrong with it

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The issue you’re having is NOT with the machine.

The issue you’re having is with your Easel project. If you share it, someone will tell you exactly what’s going on.


What Neil said.
You have an EASEL PRO feature in your design.
Has nothing to do with the machine.


If youre getting the prompt that you need to pay for pro. Then as Mark said, youve exceeded the trial period but are trying to use one of the pro only features… heres that list, youd want to either ensure youre not using one of the ones marked with a red x…or youll have to pay for pro in order to use them.

i did not know i was on a trial

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