Xcarve + chilipeppr; can't move after finishing carve

I think I’m just missing something, but when I finish a carve, I click the buttons to move the position and nothing happens.

The same thing happens in UGS, I just close the connection and reopen it to enable jogging again.

The machine has paused after the operation is complete, you just need to hit the button over on the right control panel to release it. I forget precisely which one it is, but I had the same problem before myself! The answer is here on the forums, do some searching, this is where I found the solution!

I wish I could remember which button it is, I just hit it automatically now.

I also close and re-open the connection most times, but that’s out of an abundance of caution after a couple crashes, not to enable jogging.

I’ll take a look in a bit. I’ve been searching on this for a while now with no luck. Any idea what thread it was in? Or can I possibly get a screen shot?

Ah HAH! Got it!

FYI, I went through the M2/M30 program end code this week. I looks like I took out that forced pause in Grbl v0.9j (and maybe late v0.9i builds). If you update Grbl, you shouldn’t have this problem anymore.


Ah, very cool! That’s something I have avoided doing so far, kind of a “it’s working, don’t much with it” thing. I really should get to upgrading it, though… I just need that thing up and running, I’m making production parts on it, so I can’t afford downtime. I’ll probably do the upgrade once I have this main production lot complete. :smile:

I am running 9i, and Grbl is locking at the end of the job

Grbl’s $I build info should show a date on or after 2015-05-17 for this update. This includes some v0.9i versions.

Yeah, I was having the same problems and I upgraded to a later version of v0.9i and it took care of it.

So I checked my grbl, and it was May 2015. How do I go about upgrading? I saw that you can now flash right from chilipeppr. Has anyone tried this?

Wow, I had not seen that… man, if that works, it’d be AWESOME.

I wonder what that does to the X-Carve settings, though… Might have to run it through Easel’s setup again?

EDIT: Or, I guess, is there an Inventables-spec version of the GRBL software that comes pre-configured, ready to flash?

You can build Grbl with the XCarve default by altering config.h. But it’s stock Grbl. You can also just hand enter the $ Grbl settings.

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Probably easiest to just enter them by hand. I can easily print out a copy of my current settings, then just re-enter those…