Xcarve cut a long groove not in the design

I’ve been using the x carve a few months. I did a cut last night and got a strange result. The machine cut a line across the whole work piece. It was not in the design and the machine finished the carve despite the mistake. The groove cut robbed a fairly expensive piece of wood and I’d like to prevent it from happening again. Anyone seen this before?

Welcome to the forums. Could be from a lot of things. Are you using Easel and if so can you post your file here so we can take a look at it?


Absolutely. Thank you for assisting with this

It is not shown public. File>Share>Share with link>Save>Paste link


That should work better.

Did it do it when it was cutting the tall oaks file?

Correct. Also notable is that it was early in the carve. The machine continued on to finish the rest of the design with no trouble

If you look at the simulation for that part it looks like there is something off the work area on the right side. I think it went over there and came back and sliced the groove. I tried to copy and paste the file and stayed away from the spot but for some reason it copied it. Not sure why it is going over there but i think that is the problem.

Wow. I see what you mean. I will start watching for anomalies like this.

Thank you again for all your help

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It is best to run the simulation before you carve to see if there is anything being carved you don’t want.

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