XCarve Cutting Air

Hello there, brand new user here. I just got the X Carve from a friend and after running through the set up to do a project, the machine raises the bit and it starts running the program in mid air. I set the thickness of the material correctly, I set the Z axis with a probe and manually and had the same result. I am pretty computer illiterate but from what it looks like, I have the right firmware installed.

Thanks in advance!

Can you post a video of this?

Is this with a standard XCarve or XCarve Pro?

I’ll try and get a video later this week. It is an XCarve 1000mmx1000mm pre Nov 21 upgrade and I am going through Easel. This weekend though, I had another issue develop. I was running a project and it quit about a quarter of the way through the project. I tried uninstalling the machine and reinstalling it. I reverted to running the z axis manually and it seemed to work…somewhat. It starts off just a fraction above the material and then goes down into the material for each cut.

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With new owners of the new model standard X-carve, the most common cause of the bit not reaching the workpiece is the actual Z axis being mounted too high. Although the manual has one tiny note about this issue, the note is very often skimmed over and not taken into consideration later in. It would be nice if they would include a few examples of common placements and the reasons for why one would place it at the different levels but that isn’t the case …yet

the Z assembly usually needs to be installed 1.5-2" below the highest position, unfortunately all of the photos show it installed at the very highest position.

One test you can do is to move the X or Y position of the bit away from the workpiece and see if the bit can reach the wasteboard before the Z travel bottoms out (the linear rail slide will hit the end of the rail and stop if) IF it cannot reach the wasteboard with your shortest bits than the Z assembly needs lowered by loosening the 4 screws on the backside and lowering it a bit until they can reach the wasteboard.

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