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Xcarve depth problem

We’re having a little issue. As the machine moves up the Y axis the depth of carving gets less and less. The machine was a little out of level from vibrations i guess so i just fixed that. Is their anything else that would cause this?

“Level” when it comes to the X-Carve isn’t really a thing. The more important questions are:

  1. Is your wasteboard flat?

  2. Is the travel of the router parallel to the wasteboard.

The best way to assure both is usually to use your router to skim cut the wasteboard to ensure that the resulting surface is flat and parallel relative to the router travel.

Personally, I have a 1/4" piece of MDF that I put over the primary wasteboard and I skim cut that to ensure my work surface is perfectly flat and perfectly parallel to the plane the router travels in.

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great tips.

my zdepth issue … it always cut twice as deep as it should everywhere. Re-adjusting z axis belt tension fixed that.

have photo of finished wasteboard

Call me a prude… I have babied my waste board since day 1, and refuse to cut into it. I bought some particle board, (Lowes) this one happens to be cut @ 24" x 29" x 3/4". I drilled the holes for the hold down clamps and use this until its thrashed, and make a new piece. A few dollars spent each time. A quick flattening/surface of it works every time, because I know my original is not flat. Picked up a 100 pack of the M5 Threaded Inserts from Amazon for a few bucks. Works perfect. If I need to cut a larger project, 4 screws and just a minute or 2 removes it.