Xcarve, easel and Vcarve to be sure

Just so I get it right, could someone please confirm my procedure as I want to be sure after reading many posts here
I am using Vcarve desk top and generate a gcode using the Xcarvemm post processor

As I create a roughing pass, finish pass and sometimes a 2d pass to separate the model, do I load one gcode at a time into easel and machine one gcode at a time ?

I mean, load the roughing gcode and send it to the xcarve via easel.
Once complete, I then load the finishing gcode to the xcarve via easel and after locking the xcarve and changing bits and setting the Z level, I simply push carve ??

Then if I have a 2d pass, I do the same as the above.

This will be my first go at this and wanted to ask before I proceeded to try and end any mistakes
Thanking everyone in advance

I believe you are looking at it correctly. Yes, load just one gcode file at a time and let it run. Once complete move to the next - re-zeroing Z if a bit change is required.

Just take your time and walk through the steps.

Thank you Ray

I recommend using the Easel postprocessor it can be downloaded from Easel help tab.

thank you Mark
I’ll give it a go