XCarve/Gcode Axis Directions

Getting ready to wire up my X-Carve in a few minutes here. Before I do final soldering on the connection headers for the CNC Shield, I want to loosen the belts to verify that I have the wiring right by spinning the motors via Gcode commands using relative movements (G91).

So, looking at the machine with the X-Carve logo on the gantry facing you, what are the directions of travel as it relates to G-Code?

I’m thinking:
X: +Right, -Left
Y: +Away, -Towards
Z: My 3D printer + is up and - is down, but X-Carve is subtractive manufacturing vs the additive process of 3D printing, so I’m a little unsure.


yup you are right on those

Thanks. Had some stuff come up, but finally got everything set up today.

The Z axis is running down for a positive movement. I’m still a little unclear on that, so I just want to double check this before I start getting things set up for a test cut. Is that correct?