XCarve going off Track

My Xcarve 1000 mm will cut fine for a while but then it will go off track and just keep going unless I stop it. Been cutting the 1/4" melamine for a while now with no issues with the settings you see in the photos. But just recently has been giving me issues.

As you can see in the photo attached where it kept carving. This was the last blade to be carved on the file.

It is a little hard for me to tell, but when it goes off track is it moving in a straight line along the X axis?
It looks like it in the photo.

If that is the case then maybe the y motor stops moving when this happens?
This makes me think it could be a loose wiring somewhere. I would not rely on just visual inspection, I recommend actually tugging cables and tightening terminal screws. (I has a loose wire issue a couple of times)

My other thought is maybe some kind of USB connection issue?

Yes every time it is in the X axis direction. Okay I will take a look at the wiring! Thank you for replying!

Also, looking at your FS, those values don’t jive with everything I’ve read on these forums. Your DOC is larger than the bit diameter? Most folks recommend the DOC be no more than HALF the bit diameter, or in this case .125.

Just curious why yours are set that way.

When I use a 1/4" bit with birch ply, I usually run like this:

FR: 50-60"
PR: 10"
DOC: 0.125

He’s not cutting birch ply, it is actually melamine.

I’m having trouble relating the cut output to the sequence of events. Lost steps would potentially show as an issue with the overall shape, and there doesn’t appear to be one. Where/how do you stop it? Did you stop it on the left or the right cut?
Does it start cutting the last shape in the bottom right and then end at the top left? Your settings indicate a single cutting pass for this.

Basically what I did was run it again after it messed up in order to try and save the material and the blade I was cutting and thats when it happened again. So I stopped it. Set it back up and ran it again and it completed the cut.

I have cut many many blades at the speed and depth with melamine and not had a problem. Now I did upgrade the firmware before it started doing this. Maybe that is the issue?

I downgraded my firmware back to 1.0c because I was having so many issues; not skipping like yours but it wouldn’t carve at all. Now it’s running great again!

Hmmm thats an idea. I might try that!