Xcarve going to wrong location

I am new to this. I have the 750mm XCarve. I did the full assembly and Setup. Along with all of the proper Tuning. I just did the simple first cut program with my Name and stuff and I noticed that it was higher on the board than what the preview showed. So I went to a really simple carve where I set a 5.5 inch Width and 4.5 inch Length for the Material and I told it to carve a 1.927inch circle on the 2 inch by 2 inch mark. I homed it in the bottom left hand corner of the material and clicked carve. It moved to the 2 inch by 4 inch marked and started to carve. So thats 2 inches on X and 4 inches on Y. It seems to get worse the further I send the location out. Please help.

Is it exactly double on the Y-axis? The first thing it’s check would be the dip switches on the X-controller. One and three should be on for the X and Y axes.

So with further testing. I used a G Code Sender. If I set the Steps on the Y axis to 0.5 it will move in 1 inch increments. If I set it the 1 it will move in 2 inch increments and if I set it to 2 it will move in 4 inch increments and so on. Its like its multiplying my inputs by 2 every time… The X and Z axis are perfect. Only the Y axis is doing this.

You can change the micro step level (as Neil pointed out) or change the step/mm value for the Y-axis.
What is your GRBL parameter $101=?