Xcarve has ruined my life :P

Ordered my X-Controller May 22. Still no email for me.

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I keep hitting refresh as well but I won’t give them too much grief. I ordered on 8/31 for the whole 1000mm kit. I’m sure it’s coming though.

nope your not the only one ive ordered mine about 2 months ago iv’e been checkin my emails and forums errrrryyyyyy day hahahaha im so keen cant wait. well its late september lol

Only if you have a little talent.


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are these maintenance videos on the site somewhere? and would they also work for the newer xcarve?

For those of you that are waiting for the carve, get ready for some headaches. Especially if you don’t have patience. Is gonna take you a while to get it to work the way you want it. It took me like 4 months or so to get it to run just right.
I even gave up on it for like 2 weeks and I was ready to sell it. But I kept coming back to the forum and with the help of some topics from the guys I went back to it and finally got it going. So, don’t give up on it! Keep trying and keep coming back to the forum and hopefully you won’t be disappointed. So good luck to all of you and welcome to the club!


I bought a new spindle, table saw, miter saw, planner, and some other wood working hand and power tools. If thats not a sign of addiction I do not know what is…


already done haha

Im just sharing my opinion, you can agree or disagree, thats fine with me. You had more patience and probably more knowledge than me. But either way, this machine will be a headache to some people, maybe not to all obviously but to some it will. That doesn’t mean that is a bad machine. Like you said, they need to take their time and do a lot of research to get it going just right. But like we all do, all we want to do is put it together and start carving right away, but you know that will not be the case. Some might get lucky and some will struggle like me like and some other guys, and of course, there will be the ones that can put it together in a heartbeat and dial it in right away because maybe thats what they do . But hey, let them be the judge of that. Im just giving a heads up and trying to encourage them not to give up on it like I almost did.


Lol… yep, Ordered my 1,000mm full kit on 8/30 and have found my self looking at things differently… walking through Home Cheapo, I see a blank for the top of a railing piece and think, this would look cool with a carved … then saw a 24" circle, that is most likely for the top of a stool, and thought, this would make an awesome clock… LOL. So I quickly made a 48’ x 48" rolling table for the xcarve in preparation of it’s arrival. Completely new to this whole thing, so I am sure I will post a bunch of boneheaded mistakes… but it’s a new skill that will take some learning to get used to. Seems like a great group of people on here that is more than willing to help everyone, so that makes me feel better! :slight_smile:

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Ordered a 750mm to give it a try. 1000mm won’t fit in my workspace :frowning:

Just curious – why’d everyone choose this over the Shapeoko 3?

support is reported to be much better than shapeoko - that’s my reason anyway.

Just to officially chime in - ordered 2.0 1000mm the day it went live - no email yet

Well now they officially have 24 hours before they have to change it from “late September” to “early October” :slight_smile:

“We have started shipping! Orders placed today are estimated to ship within 3 weeks.”



Has anyone received a shipping email yet?!?

I just received shipping info. It’s all on it’s way!


I just received my x-controller and upgrade kit! no email, but I’m still happy. I’m guessing they’re moving so fast that they didn’t get all the emails taken care of. That, or my order was so old that the system couldn’t handle it.

I was kinda bummed because I’m taking next week off and it’s the perfect time to do the upgrade, but it came in just in time!

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i received my on thursday Wide MakerSlide and upgrade kit!
it still have the new fresh smell time to putter all together.:sunglasses:

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Man, wish I got my email notification! Hopefully soon! :frowning:

There’s hope then! I ordered 3 days after you so maybe I have a surprise waiting for me at home?!?

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