Xcarve has ruined my life :P

Has anyone received a shipping email yet?!?

I just received shipping info. It’s all on it’s way!


I just received my x-controller and upgrade kit! no email, but I’m still happy. I’m guessing they’re moving so fast that they didn’t get all the emails taken care of. That, or my order was so old that the system couldn’t handle it.

I was kinda bummed because I’m taking next week off and it’s the perfect time to do the upgrade, but it came in just in time!

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i received my on thursday Wide MakerSlide and upgrade kit!
it still have the new fresh smell time to putter all together.:sunglasses:

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Man, wish I got my email notification! Hopefully soon! :frowning:

There’s hope then! I ordered 3 days after you so maybe I have a surprise waiting for me at home?!?

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Just got my email. Yay!

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Waiting on my front porch…no email was sent but I’m happy happy


Those of you who have gotten emails; Mind sharing the date you ordered?

latest I have seen is 8/30.

I ordered 8/27, confirmation email 9/1, and charge posted to my card on 9/2. No email or boxes yet, but waiting eagerly.

ordered evening 8-31 - got tracking about a half hour ago

BTW: how did you order 8-27?

Man, still a month behind eh.

Anybody that ordered 2.0 knew going into this that they weren’t gonna ship for 3 weeks minimum. Right now worst case they’re a week behind. That said, as many problems as it sounds like they had with manufacturing on the x-controllers I’d rather wait an extra week or three and get one that actually works.

Do I have clients waiting? Yes I do. Was I smart enough to inform them all that it would be mid-October before they saw product? Yes I was. The only stress at this point is getting the thing build and dialed in as quickly as possible

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Went online that saturday night (I’ve been waffling for probably a year) and saw that “new X-carve” was available so pulled the trigger.

What day was the official announcement?

I don’t know when the first “official” announcement happened, but according to the forums the official web site rollout was the 31st. You got me thinking - I probably ordered a couple days early as well, because the web site wasn’t advertising the new one when I ordered.

I got half of my machine a day earlier than expected. The other 2 boxes will arrive tomorrow. Kudos on the packing and the new box is spiffy.

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Tracking number just said it’s on my front porch. I’ll see when I get home :slight_smile:

I have the UPS app on my phone. I never received an email. But according to the app I have a couple of packages from Inventables delivered tomorrow.

Fun notes about UPS. Look up their region chart and you can see how long it will take (on average) to get to where you live. Also if you register your name and address with UPS and make an online account (free) then you will automatically get an email when anything from anywhere ships to your address and they will also email or txt you when something is delivered. Finally they will give you a 4hr window of when to expect it. I’ve always been impressed with their customer tools.

I’m now wondering if I didn’t actually wait until the first. I’m confident I -decided- to on the 27th, because I’d been considering it for a while and was celebrating a “life event” that occurred on the 27th. My confirmation email was dated Sep. 1st.