Xcarve home position changes and incorrect

I have a Xcarve that was previously set up without any issues. However, I thought an update to my computer wiped it out and I am attempting to set up the machine again.

When I go through the set up process, the X.Y, and Z directions work correctly. However it starts the homing sequence to the back right and not the front left. I changed the machince inspector setting from $23=3 to $23=0 and it corrected the homing sequence to the front left.

It then will complete the homing sequence without issue.

However when I try to start carving the machine tries to push forward past the home position. When I cancel the carve the machine reverts back to a new home position that is about 12" inches behind the origianl correct homing position.

Any thoughts?

If I change the $23 setting from 0 back to 3 it will cause the homeing sequecnce to revert back to the wrong direction.

I attached the video to show the issue that is happening.

Hi Patrick, thanks for the video, however there are two likely causes for this issue:

  1. there is a design element out to the front right that isn’t visible in the design in Easel
    Can you share the easel project to verify this:
    In Easel go to Project>Share then set it to “unlisted” and Copy that link, then Paste it over here, Thanks.

  2. The jog functions are actually inverted still.
    Can you verify the jog arrows work as intended for fwd, back, left, right.

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