Xcarve is slipping

Hey guy’s I finally finished building the xcarve! Now on to the tedious part of calibrating it. I started with the V-wheels, and did as the instructions said, Tightened until the V-wheels could be spun by hand with little effort. Anyways when I move the xcarve around it almost feels like its jumping steps. Is this infact the vwheels or is it the belt tension? I haven’t calibrated the belts yet. Here is a video to show better.

no the power is not connected.

Ah darn! I did not think that it would damage it! I saw a video of someone doing it by hand! So my best bet is to power everything up and jog it with the pc and see how it goes?

Ah shit… hope it didn’t damage it.

I realised nothing was wired when I took this video, just powered on the xcarve and going through the setup. It looks like my x axis is reversed and when I reverse it then my z axis gets reversed… So I fix one and the other gets changed… any ideas?

Looks like after the firmware update I downloaded, fixed the issue! All is good! All I got to do now is find a bit and carve something!

Run machine setup on easel, You can correct direction. Just follow the screen prompts. Asking you if it is turning correct way, say no if it doesn’t. It will correct. Don’t touch firmware.
You can move any axis by hand very slow if you really need it. Try not to generate high power back.