XCarve locking up

Needs some good help here. It all started using the touch plate. When it was done homing and went to move the bit to work zero it would get about a 1/4" from being there and it like hits a brick wall and freezes everything up. It will also do it when it is done carving and goes to go back ro zero it just hits a brick wall and freezes. If you get it zeroed it cuts the program fine so far with an issue. Now i have noticed when i turn it on it freezes. I have found if i shut the xcarve down and unplug the cable it will free the motors up. Replace the cable yesterday but no luck there. Upgraded the firmware last night no luck. This is an older 2015 model. Any help would be appricated.

Check to see if your limit switches are adjusted properly.

It is 4" away from them and i have them disabled but thanks.

4" away from all limit switches?

All but the z axes. That makes me wonder if the one on the z axes might be bad. When it locks everything up the stepper motor on the z axes seems to be humming like it wants to move. Maybe it went bad but would 1 linit switch stop the whole thing. When it stop it is just like it hit a wall.

That’s why I was asking about limit switches. I had the same problem and it was a bad limit switch. Inventables sent me new one for free.

I have a couple extra ones i can change a couple in the morning and see. It seems to work fine carving when you can get it zeroed it just seems to happen when you either try to set zero or when it is done and it tries to go back when done. But it does come to an abrupt stop each time and almost exactly in the same spot.

Yes one switch will make the machine stop real quick and make the sound you described. One thing to try first is to turn z axis manually to release switch

I have not tried that but the only way i could get it released was to shut it down and unplug the usb cable.

I would expect just shutting down the unit would free up the motors.
Do you get an alarm to show in machine inspector?

Nothing and now sometimes i turn the unit on and it is stuck.

Sounds like either malfunction or an alarm state.

Well i just replaced the limit switch on the z axes and that did not work. Unplug the usb cable and plug it back in and i can move it.

If you for the time being disable Hard/Soft limits? Set $20=0 and $21=0
Any change?

Both are already set to 0

Okay, then it is not noise causing false triggers.

I don’t think so i have less running now then normal and nothing different. The thing is now when you turn it on it is stuck.

Are you saying yours was always free moving when powered on?
Mine always has motors locked when powered on. I have to send commands to move it.
However that has nothing with your inability to home or return to home when carve is finished.

Sorry Mark no it is not free when power is on. When i say locked up you can not move it in easel it is stuck.