Xcarve logging (wooden sign)

First project with the dewalt in place. Man is that thing a beast. i used a 3/4 pocket bit at 1/4 doc to plane off both sides then laid on a thick coat of sealer then v carved. turned out pretty good i think

I did forget to mention it had many coats of sealer and sanded smooth first then apply clear self adhesive shelf liner as a paint mask before cutting.


Looks mighty good, Shane! I like it!!!

Did you mask before applying each fill color or is there enough space to keep them separated?

Thanks! I use this on top while cutting just be sure to have a good smooth surface for it to stick to then paint and peel.

I’ve been using sign makers vinyl for this type of application, but I’ll have to try the Walmart stuff since the price is a heck of a lot better!

it can pull the grain on soft woods so i use a heat gun during removal

Thanks for the heads-up on that.

That’s freaking amazing…thanks for the idea…is the actual wood an old old cut?

My neighbor sells firewood and anything that looks good on the inside he will cut me some slabs. I prefer cuts from trees that have been on the ground for a few years the look is much better. he also comes across burl on trees and wil cut them off for me witch i sell on ebay but am thinking of cutting some up for my self for the xcarve. also don’t pass up on buggy wood that is full of holes clean it up and fill holes with tinted epoxy here is a photo i pulled from the net http://theawesomer.com/photos/2014/12/diy_glow_in_the_dark_table_1.jpg
i do this to some wood i turn on the lathe