XCARVE Marker Mount V2

Hey everyone… thought I would share my new design… I’ve made a 3d printed permanent marker (standard sized sharpie) mount for my big Xcarve machine… It uses a 3/4" PVC pipe with an end cap. You have to drill a hole into the center of the cap to provide an exit for the tip and use an elastic band to provide down pressure to the marker. .2 layer height, 30% infill, full supports… After removing the supports from the center of the mount hole you will need to find a dowel and sandpaper to slightly sand down that hole to make a tight friction fit. I’ve sold professional estate sale sign and the NAVY recruiting office bought a few too… Just another avenue to make a couple bucks or also in my case plaster your kids room with their favorite superhero’s!! Enjoy!!


Here’s the STL file .xcarve marker mount v2.stl (31.8 KB)

Nice and simple.
Generous of you to share.
Stay safe.

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great idea!