XCarve Movement in my spindle

I recorded a video on my phone that plays the range of motion my dewalt 611 moves. I am assuming this is normal? I just wanted to check.


No. That’s not normal. No way possible that you could very good carves

Yikes - that is WAY too lose.
Check all your v wheels both fixed and eccentric nuts.
Things may have rattled loose.
Some lock tight may be a good idea

Is your x axis twisting too or just the z?

Video from the top

Tip: To get in and be able to tighten some of the bolts I needed to modify my Allen wrench. I got a second one, same as the main size and used a Dremel with a cutoff wheel to chop one end extra short so I could get it in the tight space for certain bolts. That makes a big difference.

I know this was posted a while ago, but for those of us that don’t want to modify an allen wrench to get to those pesky V-wheel bolts with low clearance, I was able to use thin vice grips to hold the heads of the bolts while I tightened the locknut with an 8mm wrench.

Works great!

All I can say to that last comment is… NOPE…

Why not, oh wise one? If you have no means of modifying an allen wrench and don’t want to disassemble anything in order to slightly tighten up two v-wheels that have worked themselves loose- other than some potential scoring of the bolt head- what’s the harm?