XCarve moves in the wrong direction half way through a carve

I am having an issue where the machine moves incorrectly left instead of right part of the way through a carve. I have removed and reconnected all motor cables to the green connectors and am still having the same problem. Any ideas?

Without more information, my first guess would be damaged wires or connections on your X axis motor.

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The stepper have 4 wires, if only 3 have solid contact (dont matter which) direction is lost and stepper will seek direction of least resistance.

OK thanks guys. best way to test this? What extra information can I get for you guys?

First thing I would check is the wires are tightened on the controller box and the plugs are firmly connected to the motors.

If that looks good, I’d check that the wire plugs are screwed down tightly to the power supply and controller inside the box. Then I’d check that the wires aren’t broken with a continuity tester or multimeter. If that looks good, there might be an issue with the controller box or stepper motor at which point I’d contact Inventables support.

I think my wire is damaged. Is it possible to purchase a replacement wire for the x axis stepper motor? I cannot find it on their site?

Where exactly?
If you have a digital voltmeter, simply probe each part of the wire and check for continuity. Screw terminals, plug connections (also wire-plug connection which often is visually consealed)

Were you sending the file through easel or somethng else? And, did you create the vectors?