Xcarve not communicating with laptop


For about the past week or 2, I have not been able to get my system to work. One moment the com ports were good to go on my laptop then a minute or 2 later nothing. I even uninstalled the arduino software and installed the laterst driver and nothing. i can’t get it work at all. I am really loosing my patience and would hate to have to buy another pc or laptop just for this to work. If someone can please pm me and help out that would greatly be appreciative, because at the moment I have a very expensive paper weight.

@ReneMorales please call our help team at 312-775-7009. They can remote into your computer and help. They leave in about 8 minutes so it might be better to do it tomorrow.

You should definitely talk to Inventables, but your USB port may not be providing enough power as well. Try other USB ports on your laptop, if you have them. You may also want to consider buying a powered USB hub so the Arduino doesn’t have to rely on your laptop’s ports for power.