Xcarve not cutting deep enough

Hi guys

Just a quick question im having a small issue with my machine not cutting all the way through my material. Im only talking like .5mm in places. Is there not a way of telling the machine to cut deeper than the material? Is there a way of cheating the probe by packing things out etc so the cutter will cut deeper into my waste board? It would be handy is easel would allow you to set the material to say 6mm then on the depth of cut go say 6.2mm. Anyone found a way of getting round this?

Best Regards Sean

Hi Sean,

The way I get around it sometimes is to fool Easel and tell it my material is thicker than it actually is… just be sure to stick a piece of waste material underneath.

Assuming your material is 6mm… tell Easel the material is actually 6.3… and then do your carve to 6.3 mm… it will cut right through the 6mm easy…

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Thank you Ron. I’ll try that out. Does the z-probe not cancel it out though as it’s working from the top of the material every time?

The z-probe just tells Easel where the top of the material is… it doesn’t care how deep the materials are…

Ahh I see. It’s just I changed the depth as deep as 6.7mm on a 6mm ply and it didn’t go any deeper on the cut?

If you have 6mm plywood… make the z depth 6.5 (or more) and then adjust your cut to go 6.5 (or whatever depth you make the material…)

Thank you for your help Ron, much appreciated.

If you are using a Z-probe and you are consistently cutting shallow by 0.5 mm then I would measure the Z-probe and put that into the setup - advanced when I setup the probe. this would account for the difference. example easel thinks Z-probe is 15 mm thick but touch probe is actually 15.5 mm thick so every cut is 0.5 mm shallow.

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Ah good shout Kenneth! I’ll check the measurements tomorrow. Thanks for your help mate