Xcarve not cutting right. Off center

Need assistance. I am trying to cut this temple on my xcarve and it is cutting off center. The furtherest temple point should be more on the left of the wood yet it’s cutting in the middle. I’m zeroing the bit on the bottom left corner. These are my settings. . .

Doc1.docx (163.4 KB)
Doc2.docx (185.3 KB)
Doc3.docx (200.4 KB)
Doc4.docx (165.3 KB)

I noticed a few things set incorrectly.

  1. Your machine work area settings are set to your work piece size.
    This is incorrect. In the machine setup, you should set your work area to the total work area that your x carve supports. (IE: a 1000x1000mm x carve has a work area of 750x750mm)

  2. Your positioning of the tool path is set to a negative value.
    If you wish the toolpath to start at 0,0, set your toolpath to 0,0.

  3. Most likely, with the above issues, you have incorrectly set your work zero position (different from machine zero) during the intial carve setup.

  4. Once you set your machine work area, (number one above), you should not ever need to change it unless you change the size of your x carve.