Xcarve not following toolpath

So I just finished upgrading my stock Z axis to the CNC4Newbiez Z Axis, and after that upgrade I updated the GRBL settings on Easel and now after I run a code it doesnt follow the proper toolpath, like for example, I went to cut out a square and on the left side of the square it just cut a straight line as you can see in the picture.

Did I forget to calibrate something? Is it an issue I have to adjust on the machine inspector settings?

I also upgraded the X-Axis belt to a 9mm belt, maybe something is too tight? I’m honestly all out of troubleshooting thoughts right now, counting on you guys!

thanks in advance to all.

Any change on Z will not impact X/Y axis behaviour.
Try to jog all directions to verify they move the expected amount and in the proper direction.
What are your current $100-122 GRBL parameter values?