Xcarve Not Square

First, I want to thank so many of you that helped this novice along. It’s greatly appreciated. While doing a test carve I found that my spoilboard - work surface must be out of square and I can’t figure out what I need to adjust to get it perfectly squared up. Any suggestions - I sure hope I don’t need to disassemble this thing.

The wasteboard doesnt necessarily need to be square to the machine as long as the x and y axises are square to each other and this can be tested by jogging in multiple directions in. A rectangle and measuring corner to corner and comparing the two diagonals. If they match than the x and y are square to each other, if they do not than the frame needs adjusted.

Once those are operating properly you could adjust the wasteboard to make the lines or edges in line with An axis but this isn’t really required, instead the more seasoned users will simple surface away the lines of the wasteboard with the black lines and either redraw them with a sharpie attschment or Vbit… or make a fence along one axis… or make a L corner fence…

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Thanks SethCNC. I did as you said and yep the Y axis is off about a 1/4 inch. How do I adjust the frame? Sorry to be such a pain but all this is new to me.

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Well, youd have to loosen the wasteboard and the frame corner brackets to sort of rack the frame. Pawpaw has a video showing the squaring of the preNov 2021 version and shows a diy squaring tool he uses to measure the frame diagonal and that usualy get it good enoigh that the y1 and y2 are within a 1/16th of each other, but if even tighter tolerances are needed youd have to adjust little by little on a case by case basis… but essentually the frame needs to be adjusted without the wastebaord fully mounted because the wasteboard helps hold the position even more firmly.

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