Xcarve out for delivery!


How long did it take you to put it together?

Wouldn’t doubt it with my luck!!!

I got mine running last week. On Saturday I built a 4’x7’ torsion box table for it, then Sunday I got up at 6, had breakfast and was working on it by 7am. I quit from 10:30-1:30 to go play a hockey game then came home and got back on it. My plan was to keep working on it all week a few hours at a time, but my OCD wouldn’t let me stop as I saw the pile of parts getting smaller. I made my first test cut by 10:30pm. So from boxes of parts to cutting wood in 12.5 working hours.

This is my first CNC and the build went very smoothly. The directions for the first half I would rate at like a 10/10 then you can tell they got lazy with the instructions and they were quite as clear, maybe like a 7/10.

After doing the startup sequence I like many others who have recently received machines had to reverse polarity on all of my motors because the directions have you do them wrong, not a big deal and if you do the startup correctly you’ll catch it right away before you damage anything.

Lol I’m definitely gonna be in the same boat!!! Go to work 12 hours get a few hours of sleep and then head to garage. Wife definitely won’t be too happy!!!

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So I received my xcarve yesterday, minus the waste board!!! I’ve been waiting for this thing like a little kid!!! Opened up packages and unboxed everything and then reality hits me, oh crap I’m supposed to put all these parts together!!! Left it alone yesterday just read through the instructions a couple time. Will attempt to start tonight after I get home from work.

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Ha! I agree! I spent about 12 hours and got to the end and was all, what happened to the awesome instructions?? Still waiting on waste board tho.

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THAT’S the fun part :wink:

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