XCarve Pro is not faster than Xcarve?

I’ve had the 1000mm XCarve for a while now, and i know someone that had the X-Carve Pro, so i thought I would compare one my of small projects,
I have these little signs i make for the garden area with scrap 2x4s , about 8inch wide, 3.5inch high, i use a 1/16 bit to cut around lettering, very simple.

The job on mine takes about 37min, on the X-Carve Pro, it takes 35min.

This can’t be right, i thought the XCarve Pro was suppose to by WAY faster. Are you suppose to manually increase the feedrate in easel while carving (ie :to 150%) to make it faster or should you leave it at 100% at all times?

You can speed it up for either machine. If it is cutting good you may want to push it and see what you get. I did a 3d carve the other day and had mine running at 200%. Which it handle fine but i think i lost a couple steps somewhere so next time not so fast. That is why that little button is up there you can speed it up or slow it down to what you want and what your machine can handle.

In addition to what @WayneHall said, it’s up to you to decide the feedrate for your projects. If you’re running the same gcode, the Pro will only be slightly faster.


The 1/16th bit is the limiting factor in your comparison.
Do something with 1/4" or a half inch 90 degree V bit. That is where you should find a significant difference.


thanks everyone for their input/feedback, i appreciate it.

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