XCarve Pro

I purchased the software before you were forced to register it. My computer crashed and now I need to reload on my new laptop. The software won’t let me bypass the registration screen like it did two years ago. I do not have the sleeve the disk came in so I don’t have the license number. Can anyone give me some advice? The company in the UK who makes the software can’t help unless it was registered. Even though it was an option 2 years ago.

We have to assume you are referring to V Carve (Vectric). Contact Inventables support, hopefully they have record of your purchase and can help.
Then register your software.
Vectric has good newsletters with free project files some with 3d files. Also that lets you get all the updates.

I tried that. Inventables does not record the license number when they sell the software.

Buenos dias thomas que version de vectric aspire usas?