Xcarve Slider Mod

I recently installed an Xcarve slider on my CNC. The only issue I have is that the pitch on the new screw is higher than the original. When I tell it to move one inch it actually moves 3 3/4 inches. I’m currently using Picsender 2.8 for my software. Can anyone assist on correcting this issue or point me in the right direction?



Simply take the current step/mm value Z ($122=xxx) and divide it with the distance travelled and multiply with the intended travel.

So say you have Z step/mm = 200, with a 10mm jog command you only got 8mm of travel:
(200 / 8mm) * 10mm = 250 which is your new value.

Now in Machine Inspector edit your GRBL $122=250. Not sure how Picsender handle GRBL edits, try a quick search and test your luck.

Hey Jose…

You will get all sorts of advice on this. My advice… Read through this thread before you change any numbers…

I did not wanted to mess with the original setup, so I ordered a new stepper motor from inventables ($39). The new motor wires were slightly different colors than the original harness but I was able to get a response from inventables.
Blue, orange, green, black on the motor corresponds to white, red, green, black on the harness. I also bought an additional coupler in case one breaks I’ll have a backup.
I was able to find a video on YouTube that explains the math to do the adjustment on all the axis. The company that I bought the slider from also provided me the setting. He told me to set $102 to 50.059. When I did the math I came up with 50.3936. One more thing, if you have a suckit dust system you’ll have to lower the rail and enlarge the hole so the router collect can go through. I finally got everything working again.
Thanks for the help.

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I did it with PickSender and it work very easy.

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