Xcarve stopped mid project, shows no errors

This is my first every project. Was making a tray for accessories using a project from the project section that other people have had success with, everything going fine, carve stopped mid-carve. Spindle kept running. No issue during the test carve when I set up the machine. Why??? Help, and can I get back to where it left off?

Here is a screen shot

Did you have any errors? My best guess is that you’re suffering from a lost USB connection because of electronic interference. Have a look around here in the forum, there are many threads about this, I summarized my experience with this issue here.

Regarding your last question, you can if you have a three sided touch plate or the homing switches. With the touch plate you can just rezero and remove the already carved stuff. With the homing switches someone else needs to pitch in, I don’t use that workflow.
Depending on how much is missing in your carve (I can’t interpret the screens, not using Easel), maybe you can carve the rest in a kind of close-enough way (if just some rectangles are missing).

If I were you, I would invest more time in investigating the stopping issue first, it will save you a lot of time down the road.

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If you homed when powering the machine up, and jogged to your desired work zero you have the reference you need to restart.

  • Re-home the machine
  • Click Carve, and go through the verification stages but click Use previous home position instead of Confirm Home position (Z will lower to safety height and scoot over to first carve point)

Work zero is stored as an offset value relative to machine “zero”, and homing switches syncronize machine to model space.

You were correct! I purchased a powered hub and no issues since. THANK YOU SOOOO SOOO MUCH!

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Glad I could help, happy carving :smile: