XCarve stops carving

My XCarve stops carving very soon after it starts. I’ve read about this happening to other people, but the difference is that Easel doesn’t ask me how my carve looks. It still has it going in the top right corner of the computer screen but the percentage carved never changes. It gets anywhere between 7-10 minutes into the carve and then stops. I have tried restarting my computer, updating my computer, changing the USB port that the cord is plugged into, changing the outlet the machine is plugged into, etc. and nothing is working. I don’t think the cord is bad because I’ve only had the machine for about 5 months. Has anyone else had this problem? Help please!

If you have a shop vac or other type of motor running on the same circuit, try moving that to a different circuit.
Make sure the X carve is the only device running on that entire circuit! Other motors can cause feedback and electrical noise/interference that will scramble the x controller and cause weird problems like that.

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I agree with @AlAmantea my stereo was causing static after about 20% into the carve. Put the x carve on its own circuit and everything works great !

Here’s the thing, I have a shop vac and a few fans in my shop, but I don’t have them plugged in. I read that the noise or vibrations could be the cause, so I unplugged everything and it still stopped around the 8-10 minute mark. I’m at a total loss of what to do

Is your computer going into a sleep or power-saving mode?


No I have it set to where it stays on the whole time. I do have the ac unit turned on in the shop. I’m going to try turning it off and see if maybe that is causing it. If it’s not the culprit then I have no idea.

Fluorescent lighting can also be very RF-noisy.

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I think I may have figured out the problem. So my computer was going to sleep, which is odd because it has never affected my carves in the past. I downloaded amphetamine for my Mac and it got about 20 minutes into the carve before I stopped the test piece o was working on. I am going to run the full carve today and see how it turns out! Thanks for everyone’s input!!!