Xcarve stops cutting in the same exact spot

I am attempting a carve and each time after it makes 3 rounds it stops in the exact same spot. I can hear the steppers attempting to move and the shield has the green lights coming on and off to show the motor should be moving.
What I have tried already:
I attempted to adjust the pots.
I checked for loose wires.
I disconnected the limit switches( to rule out issues with the spindle causing problems).
I made sure my belts were still tight but not too tight.
I am able to jog the machine in every direction when I am not carving without issues.
I am not turning on anything else while the machine is running
and I have insured that the computer is not going to sleep.

any other ideas?


What program(s) are you using? Can you post the file here?

When it stops moving does the spindle move up the Z axis?

I created it in Easel, so I am not sure how I would share it. If you have any ideas I would love to

no it does not move up in the z axis. it stays in exactly the same spot. I hear the z, x, and y motors click but no movement occurs.

Once you are in Easel, click on “File”, “Share”, then “Shared with link”…copy and paste that link here.

Your project looks great, the problem must be in the hardware, not in the Easel project.

Have you been able to carve other projects with no problem?

yes I have carved 2 other things. it is just weird because it starts carving and goes around the cutout for the phone 3 times and then it stops.

Is this project larger than the other 2 things you have cut?

no, this is the last thing I cut out http://easel.inventables.com/projects/GNrOz265u_1L0D8vyD0zGA. it was bigger

If you remove the bit and “air cut” the iPhone project, does it stop in the same place?

I am not sure. I was planning on trying that once I leave work in a little while. I will keep you posted.

Thanks, this is an interesting problem.

Just spoke with support… It appears that this problem is caused by a bad spindle. He is going to send me one out, I am starting to become a bit frustrated. I have had it a week and so far I have had a bad Arduino and now a bad spindle.