Xcarve stuttering when making detailed cuts

So I’ve been cutting all day. When I finally put a Vbit in the Xcarve to carve letters it has a stutter when doing the finer lines. The wider, more bold lines it moves like a champ. Cant seem to figure it out. I’ve adjusted the speed and feed rates back and forth. Depth per pass is only cutting once as well. Even though I have the passes at half the depth.Checked all the connections, belts, nuts and bolts. I AM LOSING MY MIND!
Send help, please.

Can you share en example Easel project?

Might be due to a bunch of nodes in your design causing information stutter or a path that is highly inefficient in terms of how the machine move (accelerate and retart) at each node.

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When carving block style lettering its fine. When carving detailed cursive it stutters and does not cut at correct depth. I cannot upload a video of the stuttering

Can you share your Easel file?
Your issue is most likely the one I posted earlier. Its either in your design (CAM) or GRBL settings (arc tolerance etc)
Cursive variable depth lettering / high node count may make your controller run out of buffering memory space.

this is one example of the lettering issue. Dont mind the location of the lettering.
Thanks for having a look.

You’ll have to share it publicly
File–>Share–>Share with link–>Save

Can you share your grbl settings while you’re at it?
Send $$ through the console in the machine inspector


these are the settings, not the console

another short vid of what is happening
I should also mention that the depths of cut I am setting are not being met. I’ve got them set at .25" and they are only going .055" deep.

Please test the following:

  • Increase $112 from 500 to 1000
  • Increase $122 from 50 to 200
  • Set cut per pass = total depth carve

Any difference?

Looks to me like a buffer issue. What’s your computer like?
What’re you running aside from easel?

Apologies. Life decided to give me a couple uppercuts to the chin. I’m back now. Haldor I will give those settings a shot when I have a chance. Neil, the picture attached is what my laptop is running. I only use it for research and the xcarve. It is strictly for the workshop. Its not much but hey, its what I have.

I am still seeing on simulation that the easel program is making too many toolpaths. On something that used to only take an hour to cut, now takes three.