Xcarve teaser 3d clock

This is the clock they tease you with on the xcarve description page…
Kudos to inventables, this is one of the things I was drooling over when I considered buying last year.

Since my skills have progressed in the last 6 months, I took a crack at carving it tonight to test out my new 1/4" bits.

This is two sheets of 3/4" MDF stacked and glued. Overall 11.5" square. About 3/4" border around the piece. Going to drill out a slot in the back for the clockwork, and then chop off the border with the table saw.


Really nice work - would you be open to sharing that project via Easel for other users to try out?

Thanks @plomac. It’s g-code I generated from vectric, and I don’t feel comfortable sharing that. I don’t think anyone should be running a strangers’ vagrant g-code on their xcarve…

I am planning on building in the spirit of the halftoner software @JasonDorie published.

My software would export the mesh as an STL.

It’s not my intention to exclude folks from using the concept, but I feel like without support creating 3d roughing and 3d finishing paths in Easel, this would only be available to people who have a 3rd party CAM package.

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That makes sense.

Using a nice piece of hard maple would give it a really nice look

completely agree. I was just testing the design/method before I use ‘good’ wood. I need to refine the mesh a bit for a final. I’m sure this one will still tickle someone’s fancy though.