Xcarve to Easel Connection Issues WINDOWS

Okay people lets get real and honest about this!

The Xcarve driver software does not really have the ability to consistently make an xcarve and easel see each other. Inventables I really care about your team and the progress you have made but you need to start educating people on the nuts and bolts of these connections. I have installed Easel drivers on ten plus machines - an even number of mac and windows boxes. I have hit every imaginable error in getting the cnc and computer talking to each other.

My advice to all of you here - stop relying on inventables to keep things simple. I adore the work the team does with pushing web based cam but the need for simplicity has actually caused a pretty big problem in this community if you ask me. The solution is to get down and dirty in the nuts and bolts of your computers devices/ com port selections. From my many many many experiences getting these two to talk I have found that despite what the inventables team is saying - the easel driver cannot/ usually will not make a proper com port selection for the xcarve. This will keep you in the driver download loop FOREVER.

It is a good time to mention the com port manual selection link that has been dead for weeks from inventables - I will have to see if that has been fixed*** I would say that this could be a huge help but the link has been down for some time.


Assuming you have indeed installed the driver and you are not immediately getting the connection to easel. You need to navigate to the device manager on windows machines where you are going to identify Xcontroller assigned com port and change it to match whatever easel wants it to be.


^^^ here is a link on re-assigning comports. Easel will likely be happy with it as com port three but that is not promised and it could just as easily be on another. Why is this? This is because despite any claims from inventables that there is NO driver installation in existence that will smoothly install to any and every computer. It is a driver install. It is not designed to adapt to much besides a stock windows disk and even then you can STILL hit problems.

Take your time - I bumped a few usb devices offline when I first went to work on this rushing through a bit.

I hope this helps others - reinstalling easael to a clean machine is a huge timewaste and honestly lowers the value of their product in my opinion. I am very disheartened that I needed to post this inforamtion to the forum vs it coming directly for INVENTABLES with documentation. Hopefully I have time to add some photos from my machines that will bring more detail to my post…

mac info to come…