Xcarve to the rescue for the arts

This is a stupid simple (for some) project I did last week.

My adult daughter is part of a local live theater company who is doing a production of “South Pacific” here in Park Rapids MN.
Two days before the opening the folks in charge of props and costumes realize that the have forgotten to create nameplates for the cast who are wearing the military uniforms and were faced with having a poor replica of them onstage.

Daughter calls Dad, says “can you help?”… Dad and his Xcarve look like miracle workers.

I was in a bit of a rush to get them done so I didnt think to get a shot of the 23 tags before delivery but here is a pic I lifted and cropped from our local newspaper. (Not my daughter BTW)

I cut the from 1/8" tempered hardboard Painted with Krylon semi gloss black with a 60 deg. v bit dabbed in some white acrylic paint and wiped off the excess. hot glued a pin back on them to attach them to the costume and delivered them.
My only request was that the actors get to keep them after the performance run is over.


very cool creative answer