XCarve will not run through Machine Setup for the first time?

I apologize in advance because i am sure this has been brought up a couple of times. Everything is setup and when I go through the Easel Machine setup I get no response from any function?

Please assist!


When you first power up the X-carve (plug in the USB cable and then turn on the 24 volt power supply) you should see the blue LED and three green LEDs lit up on the gShield.

Does your system power up like that?

Thanks for your response. Yes the lights all powered on. I installed the audrino drivers as well. It appears to detect it at first on my computer. Then when i run the movement test in the easel setup i get no response. The router doesnt respond from the computer either. Is there a way to tell if the audrino has the hex file installed on it? Could this be the issue?


I don’t use Easel, but I think that you can go to the Machine Inspector and look at the grbl parameters. If you have to issue a command to see the parameters then issue a $$ command. That will show you the state of the grbl parameters and if you get them then you know that grbl is installed. You can issue a $I command to get the version number of grbl that is installed.

Well i am not gonna use easel either it just told me to use it. I have vcarve pro. Is that what you use?

Yes, I use Rhino 5 and V-carve Pro and UGCS.

You can use UGCS to talk directly to grbl.