XCarve with SolidWorks CAM

Has anyone found any success with using the new SolidWorks CAM in conjunction with the XCarve? I am struggling to find a post processor or ways to create one using the universal post generator that the CAM software has. I have Easel Pro and I can upload G-code, I just need the connection between the two and have not seen any information out there for the specific interface. Anyone have any insights?

What post processors are available? Can you get a screenshot or list?

Is this the same? SolidCAM -> Easel Post Processor?

Post with FANUC and then upload the gcode here.

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They have quite a few:

The CAM softwares are similar but SWX CAM is based off of CamWorks.

using fanuc tutorial pp:
Gcode attachedgcode tester.nc (5.5 KB)

Yeah…that’s not gonna work.

You might be stuck with editing or creating a post until they come out with a grbl one. I don’t have Solidworks, so I can’t be much help unless you have specific questions when you try to edit.

I know it’s not ideal, but you could bring your model into Fusion 360 to generate toolpaths.

I have access to that, ill give it a try. Right now im editing dxfs manually in draftsight and inkscape and it is driving me insane! Thanks!

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