Xcarve With xcontroller loose connection

I just uppgraded my shapeoko With a
Dewalt 611 and a Xcontroller,
Everything went fine , and the cutting seems ok
( just did a few test so far)
But the problem is that the xcontroller lost the connections too the usb,
It has not stoped in a mittle of a project so far , but i think its just a matter of a thime.
But every thime it has finished a project and went back too start position,
Its not going too move the Xcarve ,it has lost the USB connection.
Then i had too restart the computer or close UGS down too get it working again
I mostly use vcarve pro and UGS too My projects.

What can i try too check too solve this problem ?

I’m sure if you do a search on here you will find some info. This seems to be a fairly common problem, but appears to have a few different causes.

I don’t have an X controller, or any experience with the issue do I can’t be any more help I’m afraid

With one laptop mine looses connection when the dust collector turns off. I believe this was noise from the motor powering down.
I fixed the issue by adding a powered USB hub
(I was already using a USB cable with RF chokes on it)

Some people have been having an issue with the USB header wire in their X Controllers (the wire from the case to the circuit board. You should contact inentables for more details.

Ok,i have conntacted inventables support , and Waits for a answered.