Xcarve won't connect to easel (HELP!) (Windows)

Hey guys, I’m new to this so just bare with me however I just finished the frustrating assembly process but now when I plug in the usb plug and turn the machine on, it will not connect to the easel software to the machine. When I type in my settings and hit confirm settings, a link pops up that says turn on machine and plug in usb cord (which both are done)… so whats next, I’ve downloaded everything I needed to in the directions to the best of my knowledge. Adriuno appears in my devices as an “unspecified” device, not sure where to go from here

I’m a newbie here also, however I have an IT background. - With that being said, I would check your browser. finally I would check your firewall, and finally I would check your antivirus and or malware protection. - It is very common to have issues when attempting to connect a web application to physical hardware and most commonly it is the firewall and or antivirus.

hello… the first thing I would check is to go into device manager and make sure the computer has found the “port” if not by pass the usb jumper and plug directly into the Ardarino board and if the computer see’s the port, some of jumpers were bad, next I would down load the Driver

I just went through the same thing.

After uninstalling local Easel and re-installing again everything worked. I’ve done a few test carvings and so far, so good.

Good Luck.