Xcarver Mental Breakdown

I have had this issue before. When V carving small text on a bunch of the same parts my Xcontroler get very confused. This happens after homing and after Z probing and slightly changing the depth of cut of the text block and the material thickness. No matter how many times I slightly change the material thickness the XCarver either air carves or just scratches the surface. Even if the cut depth is set to 1/4" (.25) it air cuts.

I researched the forum about V bits and text size. Then I got to thinking which is very dangerous. Easel Pro is in the cloud. I am using a wireless laptop. When sending the G code, the program must do some simple arithmetic to calculate the actual depth of cut.

I believe some of the code is not re-calculating when changes are made and the project is online. I tried refreshing the screen but that did not work. After ruining many $5 parts I decided to clear the code by going to bed and starting the next day. IT WORKED!

Is there a command to clear the code? We are feeling better now.

When V carving Easel will limit depth based on the width of the closed vector.
You could set it to cut clear thru and it will not.

I am sure you are correct Mark. However, the same project, the same piece of walnut at the same spot carved .125 deep today and would not carve .0000000125 yesterday after 10 or more tries. . I can only attribute that to a new set of G code.

Thanks, Gordon

UPDATE: After I carved all my logos which is very small text I changed the material thickness and cutting depth. Mark is right, The software will not allow deeper cuts without making the text wider (bigger). It started air carving again!