I am using the Xcontroler to run my machine and Vcarve Pro to design my projects. I also use PicSender to tend the code to the machine. As I am jogging the machine around to set the work up, everything works as it should. The issue I am having is that when I send the code to the machine it will lock up on the first move. Has anyone had this issue?

I have the same setup.
Could it be your post processor?
Here’s the one I use.X_Carve_inch_paj.pp (3.9 KB)

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As Jan said, could be the post processor, I’ve seen nothing but trouble when people use the one included with all of the Vetric version 11. previously it was not included and one would need to get it from the Inventables site, and the one they included seems to be different.

IF that does not resolve the issue it could also be related to work area limits like having safe height set too tall, if limits are turned on and you have the new Z axis, it’s rather common for users to mount it too high and not have adequate room to plunge. Are you receiving any Error or Alarm codes? (if it was one of these type of things, then there should be alarm codes present)

I am not receiving any alarms. It works fine when I jog, even at 5350mm/min. When I send the gcode to the machine that’s when the machine locks up.

been using Vectric for years (including 11 which came out recently) never had an issue with post Prosser.
don’t use Easel either.

Something else must be causing this issue??

So are you using the Easel (or it might be called “X-Carve” actually) post processor that is provided within Vetric V11 AND using Easel as a sender? IF not, then you will likely not be familiar with the issue that I was refereeing to.


like the stepper lockup from attempting to drive or accelerate too fast? If so, can you provide the grbl settings of your CNC? Thanks!

i use both

This is the error I receive.

This is the error message that I received.

TEMPgrbl.txt (1.1 KB)
Here is the gcode that I am sending to the machine.

TEMPgrbl.txt (1.1 KB)
Here are the settings for grbl for the cnc.

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