XController - Am I missing something or are the holes in the wrong place?

Putting together my XController tonight and I cannot get the side screws right. When I line up the power supply properly, the screws stop the upper board a couple inches short of going in. They are correct when I put the board in the other end, but the power supply hangs out.

Is it me or is this drilled wrong?

Looks like you have the chassis backwards.

That’s what I thought, too. If I turn it around the power supply hangs an inch out the back. I checked it like six times before I posted.

Put the backplate on (don’t have to screw it in just put it up to it). The molex connectors on the board should stick out some so that you can plug into them.

Look at this picture from the instructions:

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Yours actually looks correct now that I looked at your pics.

Just tried that and it seems to work OK. Kind of wobbles a bit but it will work. Thanks. Think I should point it out to Inventables?

Point what out? That the back connectors stick out and allow to connect the motor cables? That an unsupported and “floating” board has a bit of give/wiggle to it? That’s their design…it was a design choice they made for whatever reason. I wouldn’t have necessarily made that decision myself, but that was their choice.


In a couple of assembly videos I watched, the screws in the sides provided a hard stop for the upper board. They also had the old version of the power supply. I think the new power supply sits the opposite direction in the chassis but they didn’t move the side screw holes to accommodate the driver board coming in from the other direction.

If I install the board from the other side, the screws stop it at the correct position and it lines up perfectly with the back plate.

I guess it’s not a huge deal, it was just confusing and I think it’s something they can improve. @Zach_Kaplan

I’m not arrogant enough to preclude user error but I did reassemble it a few times in both orientations before I posted to minimize the possibility. It’s together the only way it will fit properly on the chassis and the side holes don’t line up.

Got a drill?

Lol, that was my wife’s suggestion as well…

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I think that there were supposed to he screws in the sides of the housing that semi secure the board, though I seem to recall that it was not obvious in the instructions. I just remember having issues with my board sliding around on me, but I ended up getting it straightened out.

Sorry, it’s been a year since I assembled mine.

Yeah, they are never mentioned in the instructions but they are shown in the pictures. If I install the top board from the other direction, they stop the board from sliding too far into the chassis and it lines up with the faceplate. But if I do that, I have to turn the power supply around which makes it stick out about an inch and a half. When the power supply aligns properly with the faceplate, I have to leave the side screws out or the top board sticks out an inch and a half. If the screws are out, the top board just slides into the chassis until I put the connectors on and they kind of hold the board to the faceplate.

I have it together and it works, but I don’t think this was the intention. Did I mention that I have the new version of the power supply that started shipping in November?

But whatever, it works. Thanks for the help, all…

Didn’t realize that there was a new power supply, that could certainly be the issue.

Might want to send an e-mail to Customer Support so they can fix it for future shipments.

Certainly a different form factor. I’d like to see a pic of the bottom of both for comparison. I wonder if people with the newer version just assumed that it was supposed to be loose since the side screws are not mentioned in the instructions.

Check this video. It really helped me. A few little differences, but went together first time.


Thanks, Darrin. That was the video that first pointed out the side screws to me, and their purpose. His vids are great, watched the whole assembly series for the 2017 version before I started. Very helpful. I was fully expecting mine to go together the same way. Probably why I was so confused when the new power supply didn’t fit the same.

Sadly, it’s 320…

So yeah, I’d drill new holes in the bottom of the enclosure to make the power supply mount where it needs to be.

Looks like something was missed by Engineering.