Xcontroller -IOT relay controller

Does anybody know how to send a trigger code from the machine inspector to the iot relay to verify that the xcontroller is actually sending said command to the relay?

cant seem to get my router to turn on - no signal to relay.
Ticked the box for accessorizes in easel and its wired right. stumped

Might depend on your grbl settings, but M3 S10000 should turn it on.

M5 should turn it off.

I tried the m3 s10000 and nothing happens

might you have any other suggestions?

Try G1 M3 S12000

Can you post your grbl settings? (send $$ through the console)
Also, how do you have the IoT and router wired?

Turn the router switch to on. You have to re machine setup and select automatic spindle. Make sure you copy all your code if you have anything changed incase it resets it all.

Fixed! Dont know why but i re ran machine setup and the signal is now being sent and the router is working.

Thank you all for your help!