XController spindle control voltage issues

Hi all,

I’ve had a DW611 hooked up to my xcarve and sending an auto on/off to an external device to start/stop the router. This was using the 0-10V port wired to the IoT relay that everyone seems to be using around here.

Recently, I switched to using a 52mm spindle, and I wired this to an external speed control for the spindle… incorrectly (mistake!!!).

Anyway, after all that, I was going to switch back to using the 0-10V control signal with the IoT relay.

However, the xcontroller is now reporting 0.5V from that port. The IoT relay requires a 3.3V signal. Did I mess something up? Is there a magic gcode command I can send to get the xcontroller sending 3.3V for spindle control, again?

go to the consol and type $$ you should get a read out of all your GRBL settings.

look for $30 = ??? (rpm max)
and also $31 = ??? (rpm min)

These values will determine what voltages are sent with the speed command.
for example if you max rpm is 1 and minimum rpm is 0 then when you send s1 command it will turn on at 10 volt and s0 command will turn it off. this is the most simple setting as it would only be full on or full off.

likewise if your settings are $30 = 100 and $31 = 0
then s50 would turn on at 5 volt and s33 would turn it on with 3.3 volt etc etc. this is also simple based on 0-100 percent.

you can control your voltage output accordingly by percentage of the min and max value setting.