I am in the process of upgrading to vcarve 9.5. It offers output direct to machine, but only in metric. Has anyone else successfully used the vcarve -> vtransfer -> machine?

Was it tricky?

I would like to design in inches, save as xcarve_mm and send to the machine to carve. I assume when i save it to metric, it will do the conversions on its own.

Anyone who has used it, I would greatly appreciate any insight.

Mike, from the horribly inflated shipping cost to state of Hawaii.

I have used it a few times. You can design in whatever you like, but you must use the output driver, XCarve mm.

Maybe I’m not fully understanding your question.
I use V carve exclusively and i also work in inches.
Vcarve has post processors for both X carve in. and X carve mm.

I think Darrin is saying that you have to use xcarve mm as post processor.
I tried VT Transfer and could not get past the probing function.
The guy on these forums that works for Vectric could not direct me to a resolution. I moved on to CNCJs as a sender.
Have not looked back.

You need help whit vectric aspire,my name is johan where are you from?

What is CNCJs, i am unable to locate that software.


Just google cncjs

Here are the current release downloads.