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XCP Feed/Speeds?

I’m unsure what feed/speeds I can expect from the XCP?

Using an Amana Spektra bits ¼” 2-Flute Flat Bottom
Operating RPM: 18,000 / Dept of Cut: 1xTool Diameter (1/4”)
2 Flute Flat Bottom with Wood IPM 215-290 Chip Load Per Tooth 0.006” – 0.008”

Anyone running the XCP at 215-290 IPM with a depth of ¼” in wood for rough cuts on 2.5D projects?

Using an Amana Spektra bits. ¼” 2-Flute Ball Nose
Operating RPM: 18,000 / Dept of Cut: 1xTool Diameter (1/4”)
2 Flute Ball Nose with wood IPM 250”-320” Chip Load Per Tooth 0.007” – 0.009”

Anyone running the XCP 250”-320” IPM with a finish cut a machining allowance of depth of 0.02” in wood for finishing cuts with 2.5D projects?

Anyone able to verify or tell me what types of feed rates your using with the XCP and wood?

Did some testing this weekend at those settings.

X-Axis and Y-Axis slipped at 285 ipm
X-Axis and Y-Axis slipped at 255 ipm

Experiencing X & Y slipping with both 1/4" EM and 1/4" BN finish cuts

Next test will drop to 210 ipm

I’m testing on a typical 2x12 pine lumber from the hardware store. Not wasting any good wood until I figure out safe speeds that don’t slip on the axis.

I’ll note, all belts look good. No missing teeth or anything causing the slips.

Belts? Is this xcsrve or xcarve pro? The initial post, title and category are all intermixed with the terms :man_shrugging:

XCP= X-Carve Pro


** I’ve moved your post into the XCP category

So there’s belts on the XCP? I could have swore that was a direct drive ball screw design :face_with_monocle:

Not trying to be a complete smart a$$ here, just trying to figure out what all is going on with this one

@SethCNC The screw drives have a belt to the stepper motors unfortunately… Smaller belt but X, Y1, Y2 and Z axis all have a belt from the stepper to the screw drive. Yes this is the XCP

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I did not know that about the little belts… in my opinion, that’s a bad design…probably makes it quieter, but definitely a point of concern for your exact issue, belt slippage, tension, wearing through teeth… but probably put there to prevent damage to more expensive stepper motor…

Since they can’t stop ppl from crashing they implemented fail safes at the expense of power, causing people who wouldn’t crash it anyway to have less power available :man_facepalming: :-1:

I did a fairly detailed design and had to drop down significantly to get rid of the slipping. I will check when I get home and see what I was at and did not get any slipping.

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@JonathanHickman Yes, please let me know. Assume your are working with a XCP?

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@SethCNC I’m going to guess that is why it is recommended to run the XCP

Hard Maple Solid Carbide router, 2 flute, downcut 1/4"
RPM:16000 Depth per pass: 0.25" Feed rate: 160 in/min Plunge rate: 48 in/min

And not reach speeds of 200-300 ipm as in other machines. Or to recommended chipload speeds of Amana bits or the likes.

I’ve noticed my XCP slipping especially when I’m cutting across the grain whenever I crank the feedrate up to get the recommended chip load for my Amana bits. I’m still trying to find the sweet spot for most of my bits.

@JimLavin what speed and feeds are you running at?

It is supposed to be a rainy ugly day tomorrow so I should be getting a lot of testing done.

It is apparent that I am not able to run at the chip load that the Amana bits are recommended for , on the XCP. I’m dropping down to 180 & 50 for the next run

well, it looks somebody has exaggerated the capability of the Xcarve pro.
Look like it’s an over glorified hobby cnc , the designers that were overpaid to give you the wrong impression. THIS XCP (X CARVE PRO) IS NOT A COMMERICIAL INDUSTRAIL CNC

I was running an 1/8" down cut bit in oak at 180 in/ min @ 18000 rpm to get the chip load of 0.004 based on Amana’s specs. Just doing a cut out using a conventional cutting strategy when I noticed it started slipping gong against the grain.

I had similar issues on earlier cuts and retensioned the x-axis belt after talking with customer support. I also slowed down to about half the feed rate to keep the issue from happening again, but thought I’d try and give things another try, but had the same issues.

Added some photos of the failed cut below.

For those who are experiencing belt slippage, check your tensioner.
I initially had issues with slippage, but then tensioned the belts per this picture, and haven’t had an issue since:

That was the solution that customer support provided me, but it seems it still happens at high feed rates on my system. It would be nice to run at 140+ inches per minute but I guess that is not the case.

@TCarter What speed/feeds and material are you running at?

I’ve checked my tensioners. What are you using to determine they are the correct tension?
I used the fish scales on my X-carve. How do you know the correct tension on the XCP?

@JimLavin What speeds are you running at these days on the XCP?

I ran a 180 ipm / 50 ipm plunge, 1/4" EM 1/4" cut that seemed to do well.
When I ran a 180 ipm / 50 ipm, 0.2" cut with a 1/4" ball nose the XCP slipped on all the Axis.

I’m backing up to the 160 ipm / 48 ipm recommended F&S from Inventables and see how the XCP does.

I’ll admit this is getting frustrating seeing this slipping

@GregBuckwalter use the angle of the eccentric nut to determine the correct tension. It should be between 60 and 90 degrees if I remember correctly.

I’m running below 100 in/min to minimize the slipping and just reduce the rpm to get the correct chip load. As I understand chip load is the most important thing to match to keep the life of your bits as long as possible.

@JimLavin Inventables customer support recommends 90 degrees

I’m going to start a new topic on Belt or Pulley slippage with XCP, support get me some tips I’ll share