XCP Homing issue (Y1 moves, but Y2 stuck)

My XCP started with an ok homing and after second carving job the Y1 moved, by not in conjunction with Y2. Y2 looks like stuck (only when homing). Bringing gantry to (Y1 &Y2 @ 0) then it just home fine.

check your wire harness and $$$ setting

Wire connections looked good and setting too, called Inventables tech and they’ve shipped new Y2 homing cable.

you could open machine inspector (Crtl+Shift+D) and then in the part labeled “console” send the command $H and the machine will home and you can watch the homing switch readings for when/if they are triggered :man_shrugging:

IF you do get an alarm or Error, you can also send the command $X to clear the alarm status.

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