XCP Slab Material?

Hello, I am trying to hunt down what the material is that the XCP (x carve pro) is made out of. So far, my guess is that it’s HDF (high density fiberboard). I can’t find any distributors, or sellers that sell that type of material. I want to make some accoustical boxes for some car speakers out of that material. I also really want to make a bench dog table top out of that material because of how heavy duty it is. Does anyone have any idea what that material is called, and where I can find it?

The wasteboard? Isn’t it just MDF?
Where are you located?

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I’m based in Sacramento, CA. It isn’t MDF. It’s of a much higher quality. From my research it tells me that its HDF and no it isnt hardboard. I say that because people have tried telling me that.

The manual from Inventables for the installation of replacement quadrant inserts denotes that they are MDF. HOWEVER there are varying grades of MDF and that might explain why you’re not used to seeing this variety, especially in CA where we’ve got more regulation than any other State… many board glue ups use formaldehyde and here in CA there’ limits on the quantity ant types used, and this often limits our exposure to these higher quality products that Inventables has access to in Chicago, IL.

X-Carve_Pro_Waste_Board_Quadrant.pdf (938.7 KB)

And this is from the Drawing of the actual wasteboard from Inventables.

how peculiar. how in the world would I go about acquiring some of that special MDF? I’m about 220lbs, and I’ve stood on one of the slabs at a decent angle, and it didn’t snap at all. that’s why I’d want it for a bench top. that stuff is of a different caliber, you’ve got that right. real sturdy stuff!

although it’s sourced as MDF It’s probably closer to the HDF we get here in CA. I’d try to find a HDF supplier near you and check out that product in person.

Sounds like I should start an MDF smuggling business into CA.

Spill some water on it and try again.

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haha, I love setting down a COLD sweating bottle or can on the MDF wasteboard to do a bit swap. Then picking it back up to see the wet ring it left… the MDF puffs up in that ring shape real nicely! :laughing: :laughing:

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